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Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

he ain’t has any bachelor degree, he never finished his study, but he’s the founder of Pixar animation and also Mac, and now becoming one of the excecutive boards of the company.

to dream and never give up is his theme for this speech. who will believe that nobody like he used to be would be somebody big like this?

he stated he didn’t want to finished his study because he found nothing useful for him in real world to be applied in the study he took. but he kept going on some classes he loved, as a non-student spectator. he learned many things that become his passion in the next decade of his life

eventhough he succeed with his Mac project, because of some reasons, he’d been kicked out from the company he started with his own hand. he then became the founder of animation company, Pixar. the first job was disney movie ‘Toy’s Story’ which became a big boom at that time. the funny thing was, he’d been hire again in his previous company after those being mergered.

anyway, his speech reminds me to keep dreaming all the time, because to dream is the first step of being succeed. but that’s not enough, work hard and never give up contributes to the succeed you shall gain from you work. never be afraid to fail, even though i know it’s suck.

inspiring and rejuvenating. ^^


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