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unity in diversity. are u sure?

just now i thought something about diversities that spread wide in Indonesia.

we are different each other, not only tribes but also in faith and religion. the founder of our nation had a dream of having a nation that respect each other because of our differences.

that is why, now i recall something fishy in the term of Unity in diversity. there won’t be any unity in diversity, because what are different can not be unite! how can you simply for example, unite a woman and a man together as one? it’s impossible. because not only they have two different sex, they also two different person.

what can we do, then?

the answer is actually pretty easy. it’s to COOPERATE. we can manage peace condition toward cooperation each other, that is what happen in marriage (as an organization), and that what (should) also occur in plural society like Indonesia.

you see, i just read an article about this in about some thoughts of diversities on Ahmadiyah problem.

that article remind me to one of my classes, of Mas Nur given me a lecture about the theory that fits to what i am writing now.

what will happen if people keep shouting the slogan of UNITY in DIVERSITY all the time?? now i have the answer, that people will have a chaotic condition since everyone got suspicious toward each other. there will be more and bigger horizontal and vertical conflicts in the society.

the NEW ORDER era had passed, but the inheritance still live among the society. i mean, they used to close their eyes about diversities in Indonesia and thought it would caused problems, but now we can see, because of that thought, people is trying to make unity among Indonesian society by pursuing what is best according to them (for example, many discrimination constitutions made as if the rules is fair for all different people in Indonesia, like the use of Syariaa in some regions and other)

i’m not trying to make any further problem here or even trying to push Moslem as the majority living in the country. what i catch from the situation happening is that the use of faith and religion often because of political (and greedy and egoistical) reasons by individual government. they use it to get simpathy of the majorities, but do not they recall that this also discriminate the minorities? the rules are made for good reasons (they say), indeed. but how about the other people that can not get the benefits of the constitutions?

the use of pushing one faith or pushing one culture into a multicultural societies is really not a good idea. it will only caused chaos. and on top of that, it will ruin the nation.

so, still believing in Unity in Diversity?


July 20, 2008 at 4:43 PM 2 comments

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