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crying over small things

what is small and what is big? the definitions would be so subjective that i don’t actually put that in certain meaning.

today, i felt sad over small thing. about something that somebody might actually think that i’m such a melancholic person.

i felt a bit rejected when i my friends didn’t want to be in a same team with me, with various reasons like they already have their team, and it’s not necessary to make a team yet.

whatever the reasons were, i was still feeling a bit rejected, and yes, disappointed at them. why so? because (egoistically) i think they want to be with me since i think i am their friends.

but hey, the story isn’t finished yet, so don’t make a conclusion now.

after taking a deep breath and long deep thinking, it is still their right to chose whoever they wanna be with in a team, either with or without me. i mean, ur life is not only about some friends around your circle of life, there are many potential friends waiting to be found out there. maybe if i’m trying to find another people, i could find brand new friends and add it to my inventory ^^

but yeah, it might won’t be that easy, since many has already created their peers. and to enter a peer is not as simple as asking money to your parents.

now? i am still feeling rejected because i think i HAVE NOT BECOME a good friend of theirs. but the problem won’t be solved just by me becoming this sensitive. anything happen, the show must still go on, right?

and be mad won’t do good anyway. so, instead of killing my heart slowly only thinking why they don’t want to be with me, i think i should re-analyze about how am i doing in friendship that makes me this pity ;p

and hopefuly, in the end, i could be better and happy




November 16, 2008 at 10:34 AM 4 comments

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