steppin’ out for HNMUN

March 1, 2009 at 4:07 PM 6 comments

i’ll put more personal thoughts in this writing, expect nothing spectacular, kay? 😉

like some of u may have guess my biggest goal of life is to take over the world (read: traveling), i’m happy to joined this Model UN at Harvard univ (well, it wasn’t exactly at the harvard, it was in Boston Park Plaza hotel tho’).

my university’s team spent at least 2 weeks at the land of freedom. we visited NY then DC then went to the conference.

if u ask me, how was the trip? will answer: FAB, duh! lolz

first thing to acknowledge is that this is my first experience steppin’ out from the lovely Indonesia, and the next thing is that i have always wanted to feel the snow!

dun’ gimme that look! sounds norak, i know, but this is one of my reached goal! so, whatever 😀

hahaha…thankfuly went there at the end of winter, at least there were snow around

despite all the trip to liberty, cheap-shops (sale season, babe! lolz), the cold, and all chinese restaurants (the only place we found rice): THE ASSEMBLY WENT WELL DONE. thanks to the committee!

the team, in front of the capitol Hill

the team, in front of the capitol Hill

i mean, i got this DISEC room, and yes, contributed only small part to the assembly. beside this is my debute on any international MUN, i love to observe more and gaining experience rather than having ambition to win some trophies (but i was serious at the assembly!)

this big committee was…..BIG. u know, because of the vast participants, and (i have to admit), boring topic that was chosen (sorry, still love Banyamulenge more), and many repetitive nonsense from some delegates, i felt bored….lolz, blame it on me, but at least i joined the session diligently 😉

the thing i’ve learnt about joining Harvard National MUN was that: the session went FAST. really…really fast! it’s just the second day and everyone seemed ready with their working papers and draft resolutions! (i always thought they made it before comin’ to the assembly tho’), and in some smaller committees, a friend told me the flow went intense. whatever she meant

have to admit, having english as ur second language was a burden, need to work more on the fluency (and may be to be fast thinking too)

indonesian’s student mostly still slow. not all, but generally. the culture of us is slow…hahaha..but being slow leads nowhere, so we better be hurry now.

indo’s student also still, generally, lazy to read books not to mention we also lack on writing and also critical thinking. we are not independent (okay, not all, but generally, coz i’m not. hahaha…). i think joining HNMUN, again, open my eyes study more on how students (especially in USA) arrange how they study and party. *wink wink*

oh yeah, sometime i also realized, if people recognized u were from outside the country, and not comin’ from europe… they tend to looked down u, unless u proof urself u were worth more than what they thought about u. got this by experienced. not quite insulted nor offended, but just…*whut da??* feelin’…hahaha

but even I still stunned when my head delegate from African Union Committee got this OUTSTANDING DELEGATE!

don’t compare our institution with some other famous ones like yale, west-point, pennsylvania, etc.  don’t even compare us to other US’s universities that have joined this annualy since decades ago. it wasn’t comparable.

the thing is, this award made us feel worth to spend thousands of dollars to come accross the globe to attend the assembly. it was pain in the arse for arranging our trip (thx to Raisa, Katrin, Tony and those who helped arranging our lovely trip), but by this award: we feel HAPPY.

anyway, had lovely trip. and this journey to USA proven me that i love my Indonesia with all its lack ness more than any country could give. and this trip encourage me to travel more crossing the globe. thinking about Asia (near the Europe, tho) for the next destination. but still collecting the guts, and the money. hehe…

i know u love me XOXO,

amel 😉


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  • 1. nz  |  April 27, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    hi amel, i join the HNMUN competition at my college. and the 10 chosen delegations will go to boston for the next conference with fundraising by sponsorship (which means we’ll go for free!) . wish me luck! 😀
    can i get your email or social networking account? i hve some question regarding hnmun, many thanks! 🙂

  • 2. amelia rhea josephine  |  April 29, 2009 at 3:44 PM

    howdy nz 🙂

    wow, u get ur team ready for the next hnmun already? ckck…sigap ya..hehe

    i have facebook account: amelia rhea josephine purba

    and u can contact me by mail:

  • 3. Daud Marchius Purba  |  June 9, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    hi Kak, salam kenal dululah
    saya nggak sengaja melihat nama kakak di fb, dan saya tertarik dan ingin tahu lebih dalam tetang HNMUN. Bisa dijelaskan kak? mau lah kak, bisa gabung nggak? kalo bisa caranya gimana? persyaratannya apa aja? hehheehhee
    bangga saya, ada juga orang semarga saya yang bisa berfoto di gedung putih, tolong dibalas kak ya
    salam kenal,
    Daud Marchius Purba

  • 4. amelia rhea josephine  |  June 9, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    hi daud, panggil amel aj 🙂

    HNMUN itu sebenernya adalah model UN yang diadakan oleh Harvard, dmana kalo kita jadi pesertanya intinya sih belajar untuk jadi diplomat yang mewakili suatu negara gitu..hehe..untuk lebih jelasnya sih bisa di google aj tentang HNMUN biar lebih jelas..hehe

    saya kan ikutan tahun 2009 kebetulan, dan itu karena tiap tahun kampus saya kirim 1 delegasi (15-16orang) buat mewakili kampus di ajang tersebut, jadi saya seleksi dan wawancara itu semua dari kampus

    tapi kalo gak salah HNMUN sendiri menerima delegasi perorangan, jadi kamu bisa daftar langsung..hehe..persyaratannya gak susah, asal masih kuliah di jenjang s1-s3 mestinya bisa ikutan kok..cuma memang ada biaya yang mesti ditanggung. kebetulan kemarin kampus mau nanggung sbagian dan kita dapet sponsor juga, it helped a lot 🙂

    kalo kamu skarang masih kuliah, dan mau minta sponsor kampus, coba aj bikin proposal dan ngelobi ke rektorat kampus kamu…i’ve been blessed bisa ikutan acara ini juga

    salam kenal juga ya 🙂

  • 5. ghaesany  |  May 18, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    haiii, aku sedang ikut seleksi HNMUN, dan minggu depan adalah tahap wawancara, bisa beri clue apa saja yang biasanya ditanyakan saat wawancara itu ?

  • 6. amelia rhea josephine  |  August 28, 2013 at 11:19 AM

    halo, ini baru aja kebaca hari ini lo.. biasanya syarat dan ketentuan dari tiap kampus berbeda, lebih baik ditanyakan ke senior-seniornya yang baru ikutan tahun sebelumnya sehingga fresh from the oven persyaratannya :). tapi secara umum, kamu harus mempersiapkan wawasan luas terutama tentang isu2 internasional, serta kepercayaan diri yang tinggi ketika berbicara dengan bahasa inggris di depan publik, selain itu kemampuan drafting dan analisa juga harus diasah. good luck, by the way!


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