holidays. saturday nite. and sore throat.

May 30, 2009 at 9:31 PM Leave a comment

i’m wandering around tonight. in my room. alone. and this is my blabbering:

i felt a bit bored reading manga scan and waiting for my friend who will bring me dinner.

to erase the bad mood,  i read some journals of my friends, trying to kill the time.  they are really interesting, mostly entries about religions and gods.

well, i’m a believer, and it is okay for them to think differently from what i believe. it’s just, for me, very interesting that many people still questioning and arguing about gods and religions.

made me think that either believer or atheists, human still need super power so they can depend on it. some believes in gods, some others believe in something else; money and wealth, even love or other things.

…and my friend just called me, she’s going to give my dinner at 11 pm, that if she’s finished with her movies.  i have to wait my dinner and she halt the time. okay, i should have been mad, but whatever. a bit pissed, but it’s not something i have to complain about, is it? everything happens for a reason though, and she’s kind enough to bring me my dinner, sooo..whatever.

i want to do something. i want to spend the time somewhere else before i got melancholic and acting corny, geez.. i got loony the more i spend time in this room.

my sore throat does not help the situation at all. i got bored…………


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