Howdy, my dear

Some of many experiences I gain in this place. a frickin’ nickel mine tour! :3

it seems I have broken my own promise to always keep this blog updated. Rather, I am active on the neighboring micro-blogging named Tumblr 

I miss my WordPress, though. So howdy again, my dear!

It’s been long time since my last post here. Time passes fast, and long story short, I am now living in Sorowako, a little town by the infamous Matano Lake, in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Have been here for more than a year already, and many things happened, too.

I feel trully blessed with what I have and what I am experiencing right now, and though it may re-route my dream pursuing path, I still have faith that this is a great re-route I should take.

Celebrated my last two birthdays, one Christmas, and two easters in the place. A great place this is. Been to Toraja more than some of the people around, and growing to a beter version of myself (still keep on growing here)

will update what I have in mind in near time. before that, so long and have fun!



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an opinion of Immigrants and ASEAN.


some of us might have heard lately that there were many immigrants came to Indonesia by water. well, they exactly just pass through the country with Australia as the main goal, but the ended up quarantined by Indonesian authority.

i didn’t put so much of interest until i realized today that this is actually a matter for us. first we should start from the cause.

the causes of immigrants happen because there are many conflicts which caused social disaster in the region. lately immigrants from Sri Lanka causes diplomatic and political heat between Indonesia and Australia.

Indonesia act humanely to the immigrants based on moral and humanity values, despite our agreement to help Australia to stop illegal immigrant flows to the country. despite all statements and heat to solve immigrant problems, i start to wonder.

if might be all the problem and conflict could be reduce and solved, all this immigrants and diplomatic problems would not appear. well, since it has happened (the conflicts, i mean).

i think there is alternative way to stop immigrants coming to Oz. you see, ASEAN got this charter ratified already, and it includes in the ASEAN Security Community how to solve conflict that happen in a country in the region:

A.1.9. Promote peace and stability in the region

i. Support the inclusion of culture of peace which includes, inter alia, respect for diversity, promotion of tolerance and understanding of faiths, religions and cultures in the curriculum of ASEAN academic institutions;
ii. Develop programmes and activities aimed at the promotion of culture of peace, interfaith and intrafaith dialogue within the region;
iii. Promote respect and appreciation for the region’s diversity and harmony among the peoples of the region;
iv. Promote dialogue and greater interaction among various religious and ethnic groups;
v. Promote networking among schools in the region to develop peace-education in their respective curricula; and
vi. Support poverty alleviation and narrowing development gaps to contribute to promoting sustained peace and stability in the region.

with all the points mentioned above, the member-states could actually do something to solve the conflicts. nevertheless, Indonesia as the main player of ASEAN could do more than just solving this problem bilaterally.

the recent meetings in Hua Hin, Thailand was mentioned as the most effective meeting of ASEAN over the years by some medias, and according to that, we could hope that ASEAN could do the same effective way to help this region solve its member-states conflict problems rather than just giving new problem and causes unecessary heat between Australia-Indonesia.

i mean, if the core problem could be solved, the immigrants problem would be reduced also and it wouldn’t caused this much of a matter between Oz and its strategic neighbors, would it?


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YouthSays | YouthSays, Indonesia’s Youth Opinion Community

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Quote of the day

I learnt to Ignore Criticism and advice from expertsm especially academics in the social and political sciences. They have pet theories on how society should develop to approximate their ideal… I always tried to be correct, not politically correct.

– Lee Kuan Yew (“From Third World to First”)

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politic and all its dirty reputation

when i recall some of my memories in junior high, one of them was to not involve in political world….but here i am now, taking international relations and write essays on international politics a lot.

one of the reasons i felt not to favor politic was because the dirty stuff people do in the name of politics. those includes manipulating minds, dirty money, and shadowy vandalism to provoke the society’s mind and situation.

talking about manipulation, i just knew some of the latest news from the lovely political world in indonesia regarding the campaign for presidency. not that i read or watched news in the latest 3 weeks, lol.(even political student like me need to get some politic OFF her mind for some times, it’s holiday!)

see, this wednesday this big nation are going to vote for their leader for some years ahead. what i catch from what i know so far, number 2 and number 3 seem to compete even tightly and competitive, leaving number 1 in the position of hoping and praying for miracle so far.

i have my own choice; not that i will spill that to anyone. but the thing is, whoever is going to take the hot seat by the end of this year, i hope they will do good for this rotten nation who trying it best to raise from its chaotic era

just some whines and hopes.


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my new baby lair

THIS is my new lair. not that i’m gonna vanish the wordpress one, but it just my new curiousity

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holidays. saturday nite. and sore throat.

i’m wandering around tonight. in my room. alone. and this is my blabbering:

i felt a bit bored reading manga scan and waiting for my friend who will bring me dinner.

to erase the bad mood,  i read some journals of my friends, trying to kill the time.  they are really interesting, mostly entries about religions and gods.

well, i’m a believer, and it is okay for them to think differently from what i believe. it’s just, for me, very interesting that many people still questioning and arguing about gods and religions.

made me think that either believer or atheists, human still need super power so they can depend on it. some believes in gods, some others believe in something else; money and wealth, even love or other things.

…and my friend just called me, she’s going to give my dinner at 11 pm, that if she’s finished with her movies.  i have to wait my dinner and she halt the time. okay, i should have been mad, but whatever. a bit pissed, but it’s not something i have to complain about, is it? everything happens for a reason though, and she’s kind enough to bring me my dinner, sooo..whatever.

i want to do something. i want to spend the time somewhere else before i got melancholic and acting corny, geez.. i got loony the more i spend time in this room.

my sore throat does not help the situation at all. i got bored…………

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